Bamboo Transportations—an Eco-friendly Alternative
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 “Rethinking Bamboo” is a sub-theme exhibition of the First Beijing International Design Triennial that seeks to explore the culture of bamboo in both east and west contexts. The exhibition will compare the differences of existing bamboo designs and find common grounds in traditional applications and appreciation of bamboo products, in order to discover the various possibilities in using bamboo as a creative material.

 Matsushige Kazumi (Professor, Kyoto University, Japan), Philippine designer Englebert Chan, and Dutch designer Karta Agotob are invited to bring their technology-embedded bamboo transportation designs to the triennial. The exhibits embrace contemporary, eco-friendly design concepts.

 Kids’ Push Bike

 Philippines Kawayantech created the ‘Kid’s Push Bike’ without chain wheels nor pedals, aiming to eliminate the concerns on rotating pedals, and to keep the kids concentrated in pushing off the bike and keeping balance.

 ‘Buddha’s Belly’ Bamboo Bike

 Designed and made by renowned Philippine visual artist Englebert Chan in December 2010, this bike is an example of the diversified possibilities that bamboos offer as construction material. Buddha’s Belly, a type of bamboo, has long been used as a decorative plant, and Englebert attempt to change this stereotype by using it to build a bike which provides the user with a recreational cycling experience.

 Bamboo Bicycle

 Cutting-edge Dutch designer Karta Agotob replaced the steel body and fittings of a bike with bamboo materials. He also developed a canvas material with bamboo fibers, creating sportswear that is durable and easy-to-wash. Wearing a bamboo sweatshirt on a bamboo bike is set to make the ride a pleasant one.

 Bamboo Electric Car

 This bamboo-made concept car is a recent work by Rinspeed Inc. The ‘Bamboo’ interiors are simple yet highly refined. The edges of the Bordeaux-red seats are decorated with the “BamBoo” logo and the “Rizzi bird,” artfully woven with bamboo thread by Zurich weaver Weisbrod.

 Bamboo EV (electric vehicle)

 Researchers at Matsushige Laboratory, Kyoto University, recently developed the electric car “Bamgoo”. This single-seat model has an eco-friendly body woven with bamboo threads, and weighs only 60kg. The cute car can go 50km per electric charge.

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